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With the soul exposed comes to the reader The Magic of Poetry, a text in which the imagination of its author, Angel González, transports us to the subconscious. Sometimes the author comes to us through the voices he adopts, sometimes from his own life experiences, always from the desire for virtue, and the yearning to capture in black and white the ephemeral and sometimes battered existence of the human creature.
Angel González creates in The Magic of Poetry environments that reflect, by either poetic prose or verse, life. There are poems in which you can feel and live the fears and crises of a person while facing your own fears and earthly difficulties, as it happens for example in the poem, “I am not me” when he says:
Boom! The sound in my chest explodes as a volcano,
my blood rushes to my brain in bursts of mighty force.
It poisons me,
it corrupts me,
it moves me, this love,
you are not here, and I die.
You do not exist, but I seek you, and think of you.
You vanished; you are not here.
Is it possible that when I breathe you are my air?
I feel you; with the palms of my hands, I caress you,
outlining with my fingertips your face, I kiss you.
How can it be that thoughts of you hunt me still?
even, as my heart breaks from loving you.
Before I go, in pain, I will crush my veins and with my blood, I will write:
“Now that my soul is free, I can live without you.”
Love, heartbreak, and even social situations are present in the pages of this book. Moreover, although in many instances pain appears as the absolute protagonist, faith and optimism are also clear; and this is another aspect to emphasize since The Magic of Poetry succeeds in impregnating the reader with faith and self-confidence. Faith and confidence, learned from negative experiences. Faith and confidence that the strength we carry within us is innate, never borrowed, truly ours despite the circumstances. The reader will find loose verses, like the one below that will allow him to enter the inner world of the author:
From the darkness of my soul, I see your smile,
I hear your voice; I feel your kiss.
With parched lips, I taste your sultry body.
My hands in your hands hold our love.
If you let go of me,
in oblivion I get lost.
Then, there are poems where the author exposes the reader to poetry in which eroticism not only reveals the soul but also bodies and desire:
I love your moves when you climax in ecstasy, my love.
Little seems to matter as you let go of the outside world’s noise and aches.
Being inside you is like an embrace; it is peace in my soul.
That peace ends when the passion in me explodes.
I finish and, satiated my desire of you, find bliss in my defeat.
Holding you close, I lay on your breasts and hear you say:
«You are my life, I love you.»
The Magic of Poetry is also a book in which the author shows his commitment to the world around him, a world that is not perfect but could be, especially if we are able to give ourselves to love.